Mobile Apps for All was created by the following people. The site aims to provide vital information for users and consumers about the latest news and reviews of mobile phones, mobile phone apps (free and paid). These free apps will include games, productivity tools, antivirus applications, among others. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Android apps will be featured here.

In addition, comprehensive mobile phone review of the newest and upcoming Nokia phones, Blackberry phones, Android phones, Sony Ericsson phone models can be found here. You may also suggest other not-so-known handsets/brands for us to review, for as long as it will be beneficial to our readers.

The site was started by the following main men:

Almario Alcaraz, Jr. – (aka Free Mobile Phone Apps Hunter) is a video games addict and an avid fan of the Android OS. He also blogs at Technology Talks and Kokey Gadgets. He is an expert in video gaming, mobile phone apps testing and networking. He owns and administers this site.

Admin Contact Email: mobileappsall@gmail.com

Jenna D. Tamayo – a former call center agent, now a businesswoman, who has a penchant for mobile apps especially educational tools and utilities. She uses her iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid phone to do business and test the apps we publish here. She is married and has one child named Alek. You can contact her via the admin contact email provided above.

John Villanueva – an artist and teacher by profession, he is a Nokia fanboi who would die to get his hands-on review of Nokia Symbian S60 phone models online. He loves applications in Nokia phones over iPhone and Android Apps. He’s in charge of research in the latest Nokia models and reviews of these handsets.

Romel Rasos – a doctor of medicine by profession. He loves the iPhone and iOS 4 apps, especially the free ones. He is a prolific writer and reviewer of gadgets being a techie young doctor. He is married with 2 beautiful kids.