Classic Solitaire Free Pack for Android Phones Still a Fun Game App


If you’ve been playing the classic Solitaire on your PC, you’ll be able to satisfy that desire to play it free on your Android devices (e.g., cheap Sony Ericsson Xperia X8) or the more pricey Motorola Droid X. Definitely, Solitaire Pack Android app can be downloaded free on the Google Android Market.

Solitaire Free Pack Download Available

Solitaire Free Pack for Android Mobile Is Addictive and Good for All Ages

You can play a host of solitaire game variants like Klondike, Monte Carlo, Aces Up, Scorpion, and Pyramid. Game features also allows players to keep track of their gaming stats such as games played and won, best score, average game time, and highest score.

The ability to change the background and card back is a standard feature similar to the PC version and you can even hide the game menu bar if you need to do something else other than play the card game of your choice. When an email notification pops up, then you can execute this task just like what you can do on the computer.

The free Solitaire pack for Android is created by Tesseract Mobile Software and your phone needs ate least Android OS version 1.5 to run it.

The filesize is a bit huge for a free game app for droid phones (4.4MB) but it’s a hell lot of fun when you start playing the app.

Game reviews are good and some of our personal favorites include the old-timer Free Cell, Russian, Golf, Canfield & Poker Square.

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