Free Barcode Scanner for Android Phones is a Time-Saver Phone Utility


Sometimes going online and looking for product descriptions of shopping items is a painstaking task. Here comes a brand new solution for shoppers – Barcode scanner app for Android phones. Install it on any phone running at least Android 1.5 and you’re in business looking for information on laptops, cellphones, climbing gears, car tools, food stuff and tons of other products with barcodes.

Scan Barcodes with Your Android Phones

Download the Free Barcode Scanner App from Amazon App Store or from the Android Market

With this free barcode scanner app for android mobile phones, you’ll be able to save lots of time looking for specs and prices of products you intent to buy online or offline.

Here are some things you can expect to accomplish with this free barcode scanner application for Android phones like Motorola Triumph or the older models such as Samsung Captivate SGH-i897, which we featured here in the past.

  1. Scan both 1D and 2D barcodes without hassle
  2. Easily share contacts and links among fellow users via generated barcodes
  3. Search multiple engines; integrates with Google Shopper
  4. Bulk scanning mode allows for rapid scanning of multiple codes
  5. Open-source, community input evolving new features

As per documentation “Barcode Scanner gives you convenient control of your shopping experience using your phone’s camera and any product within reach that has a barcode. Need to compare prices when shopping? Barcode Scanner has you covered, letting you scan a single barcode (or many, using the Bulk Scan feature) and then use a Google search to find relevant product listings. The app even integrates with Google Shopper app for detailed results and countless other shopping and product apps for additional functionality.”

Create and Share Barcodes

Barcode Scanner lets you create your own barcodes as well. Want to quickly send full contact information from your address book to a friend? Just create and display a code and have them scan it from your phone’s screen. Do the same for links to your favorite website or Android app. Or share links in barcode form via Twitter or Facebook and your friends can scan the information right from a computer monitor.

Google Integration

Find results for your scanned barcodes in Google’s product listings or download Google’s Shopper app for more scan and search options, including image searches and “starred” favorite products. But Barcode Scanner is for more than just shopping. Wish you had “ctrl+f” to find that word or sentence in that book you’re reading? If the book is archived in Google Books, you can scan its barcode and find the page and content you’re looking for.

Extensive Customization

Choose whether to scan 1D or 2D barcodes, choose a custom URL for your searches, adjust the front lighting your camera uses for scanning, or switch to Bulk Scanning to scan multiple items at once instead of having to return to the scan interface each time. Barcode Scanner is an open source project and continues to grow and add features with community input. This free Barcode scanner app is a creation of the ZXing Team.

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