Free Antivirus for Blackberry Mobile Phones: Lookout Mobile Security App


One of the best Blackberry apps we have tried and will review in brief is the free antivirus app for Blackberry phones. This free antivirus app is Lookout Mobile Security.

Lookout Mobile Security Free Antivirus for Blackberry PhonesIf you need a free antivirus for Blackberry phones which can immediately scan and remove threats from downloaded files, programs or any software installed and about-to-be-installed in you Blackberry phones like the new Blackberry Torch 9800, this one is highly recommended.

With Lookout Mobile Security app, your Blackberry phones are surely protected. It includes an award-winning combination of an Antivirus, Backup Utility and Find-My-Phone features.

This is the best antivirus for Blackberry phones and android devices. We also use this on our Sony Ericsson X8 (Shakira) android phone and in our favorite android phone ever, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

It is really wonderful and has never failed to scan and remove malwares in apps we download from different sources.

Here are the good features of Lookout Mobile Security App for Blackberry phones

Security + AntiVirus

  • Block viruses, malware, spyware
  • Download apps without worry
  • Scans every app you download
  • Runs in the background

Backup + Restore Data

  • Backup your contacts & photos
  • Go to http://myLookout.com to access your data
  • Restore data to a new or existing phone

Find My Phone

  • Pinpoint where your phone is on a map
  • Activate a loud alarm to find phone
  • Remotely wipe your data if phone is gone for good.

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  1. emeka says:

    How can I download anti virus for my blackberry 9530

  2. iyasele esther says:

    I want to download anti-Virus on my blackberry 9780 please gulde me

  3. Me says:

    Lookout Mobile did an upgrade recently and it crashed my phone. I will not use this software again.

  4. Heigl says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed Lookout Mobile Security app for my Blackberry 9700. Wokrs great. Really the best antivirus for BB phones.

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