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Download Firefox 9 Web Browser Free from Google Android Market!

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Free Download for Android Phones and Tablet PC Has New Look-and-Feel

The blows and whistles for the Free Firefox Web Browser for Android Mobile Phones have increased when the new Firefox 9.0 free download was released to the public before Christmas. Not only is the new Firefox web browser for android mobile phone and tablet computers given a new graphical user interface (GUI). The makeover did […]

Firefox 8.0 Web Browser Android App Update

Download Free Firefox Web Browser for Android Mobile Phones and Enjoy Faster Internet Browsing

If you own an android mobile phone, which in high likelihood you do, then you can finally download free Mozilla Firefox 8 for Android phones. This has been the complaint of many Android phone owners – the unavailability of Firefox browser for their pricey communication and gaming devices despite its availability of Free Firefox Web […]

Download the Paid Bejeweled 2 Game App from the Android Market

Bejeweled 2 Game App for Android Mobile Phones is Compatible up to Android OS 2.3.3

My wife and I were addicted to Bejeweled 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch. We were excited Bejeweled 2 for Android mobile phones was released as well. This new version has many new features to offer and we’ve tried it on some Android handsets like Google Nexus S 4G and LG Optimus One (LG P500) […]

Download Free Android Mobile Phone Game App AirAttack HD and Enjoy Air Combat Action

Free AirAttack HD Game App Download for Android Mobile Phones May Run Slow with Android OS 2.1

Reminiscent of Tora Tora planes back in WWII, the free to download AirAttack HD Game App for iPhone 4 and iPad Tablet PC (as well as for iTouch 4th Generation model) is a fun, action-packed war game. Its Android version is also making a killing in the downloads department. The arcade game app for iPhone […]

Download FIFA 10 Football Game App for Android Phones

FIFA 10 Paid Android Phone Game App Bugs Continue to Gain Negative Reviews and User Complaints

Despite the success and popularity of Madden NFL 12 for Android phones and other EA mobile’s game apps for the Android OS, iPhone, iTouch and iPad, its FIFA 10 game app for Android phones continues to be bombarded with user complaints. User reviews have been down for months now and it seems EA Sports is […]

Download the Paid Version of Cut the Rope Game App for Android to Open More Game Levels

Cut the Rope for Android Mobile Phones Still a Top Paid Android Game App for 99 Cents Only

In case you didn’t know, Cut the Rope for iPhone, iTouch and iPad Tablet PC became an instant hit game app. It became a bigger hit when the Android mobile phone version was released. You can play it on Motorola Milestone 3 Android phone and other handsets like LG Thrill 4G 3D Android Phone and […]

3D Fireflies Wallpaper Free Download for Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson Android Mobile Phones

3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper Free Download for Android Mobile Phones: A Nice Add-on to Liven Up Your Home Screens

You could consider the 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper as a productivity tool for Android Mobile phones. The free download can be had from the Google Android Market. This free 3D wallpaper app for Android phones is a great way to spice your phone’s look-and-feel. What it does is mimic the motion of a firefly’s flight […]

Download Madden NFL 12 Game App for Your Android Phones

New Madden NFL 12 for Android Phones Priced at $6.99 is a Hit Game App from EA Sports

With the new Madden NFL 12 released, football game apps for both Android phones and iPhone have again gained popularity among smartphone and tablet PC owners. If you love the older Madden NFL 11, you’ll love even more Madden NFL 12 for Android mobile phones. Just a word of caution: this game app is, first […]

Android Freeware iPhone Style Folders Widgets Picture

iPhone 4-Style Widgets and Folders Now Possible with Android Freeware’s iPhone Style Folders App

There’s a new free Android app (one of the best Android apps in our tests) that you should download – Android Freeware’s very own iPhone Style Folders app. You can download it free on Android Market. It’s a tricky app. Why? It can make your Android phone look like an iPhone 4. What it does […]

Solitaire Free Pack Download Available

Classic Solitaire Free Pack for Android Phones Still a Fun Game App

If you’ve been playing the classic Solitaire on your PC, you’ll be able to satisfy that desire to play it free on your Android devices (e.g., cheap Sony Ericsson Xperia X8) or the more pricey Motorola Droid X. Definitely, Solitaire Pack Android app can be downloaded free on the Google Android Market. You can play […]

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