Globe Tattoo at Home Promo Has the Best Deals on DSL/WiMax with 2Mbps Maximum Bandwith


While I’m still subscribed to Smartbro, which is still installed and active in my apartment, my friend Allen offered me the Globe Tattoo plans for home use. To be honest I find the offer enticing and might shift to it when my two-year lock-in period with Smartbro expires. I was first looking at the PLDT MyDSL plans and find them good also (in fairness to PLDT and Smart Communications). The only downside of the Smartbro broadband service in our area is its poor antenna reception, thus affecting our bandwidth and internet speed.

Globe Tattoo Offeres Free NDD Calls Between Globe Users Nationwide

Free Prolink WiFi Router is Include in Globe Telecom's DSL Plans

This is why my eyes turned to Globe Telecom’s Tattoo @ Home plans which include a DSL/Wimax Promo. If price is a huge factor, I’m posting here the prices for each plan included in their brochure. Prices for the plans quoted are in Philippine Peso (PhP):

Wimax (First and Biggest 4G Network Plans) Internet ONLY

Plan 799 – Speed up to 512Kbps

Plan 999 – up to 1Mbps

Wimax Internet + Landline Phone

Plan 1099 – up to 1Mbps

Plan 1299 – up to 2Mbps

The DSL Plans are also highly considered by family members since most of them have DSL lines connected in their workplaces. Here are the pricing and maximum speeds:

DSL Best Value Internet ONLY

Plan 999 – up to 1Mbps

Internet + Landline

Plan 1099 up to 1Mbps

Plan 1299 up to 2Mbps

Plan 2299 – up to 3Mbps

Plan 2999 – up to 5Mbps

Plan 4299 – up to 10Mbps

Plan 6299 – up to 15Mbps

For our assessed needs, I believe the DSL Plan 1299 is the best choice. We only have 2 computers sharing the internet connection and most of the time they are both idle. The most active time for the whole family to go online is at night around 9-11 o’clock in the evening and we don’t download large files from the internet except for photos uploaded by relatives abroad on Facebook. The Smartbro broadband, which clocked a speed of 1Mbps the last time we checked online, is even sufficient for the whole family’s needs so we’re leaning towards signing up for the 2MBPS DSL plan from Globe starting the next billing cycle. It’s also got a free landline phone unit plus the lifetime free Globe-to-Globe NDD calls is a very attractive part of the bundled package.

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