Verizon Wireless Father’s Day Deals 2012 on Motorola 4G LTE Android Phones

Verizon Sale Special Father's Day Deals 2012

Competitive Pricing is Offered by Verizon on Their Father's Day Celebration Campaign

Three companies have started Father’s Day deals on cheap mobile phones. Specifically, Verizon Wireless launched low prices on their Motorola Droid phones (4G LTE capable) during Father’s Day 2012 Special sale.

Verizon offers the Droid 4G for free while Motorola Droid 4 can be had for under US$100. Other phone models involved in this year’s season of honoring fathers Droid Razr 16GB ($99.99, Droid Razr Maxx (more expensive at $199.99). You can compare these Android phones with T-mobile deals on phones as well as the iPhone 4S from Sprint. These are great gifts for your dads on Father’s day so grab one and put a big smile on your old man’s face.

A word of caution though, extreme prices can be seen for Droid Pro (actually FREE) while the most pricey commodity is Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 with 16GB Internal Memory (whopping US$429.99).

These phone deals require the buyer to sign up a two-year contract and for some select items, the company will even require you to get a Data Pak or mobile broadband.

With these great shopping deals, you’ll be saving some dollars which you can actually use to pay for paid Android apps. Remember, a dollar to be saved could be one app to gain. If you’re an app addict, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the value of phone discounts.

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