Old Google Adsense Interface to Retire by Mid-November, New Adsense Interface Pushed

New Google Adsense to Launch in November

Google Announced the Launching of the New Google Adsense Interface this November 2011

If you’re running a blog or website making some money with Google Adsense, you have to be ready with some makeover.

Though we personally like the Old Google Adsense interface better, the internet giant advises publishers to use the new Google Adsense Interface as the old one will retire in Mid-November. No exact date was given but if interfaces don’t you, then this won’t really be a problem.

The new interface loads a bit slower than the old one. For now, new features have been included in the new look of the Adsense dashboard.

One of our favorite features is the publisher’s ability to view earnings from Google-certified ad networks. Of course this is a big plus for publishers – to know where the earnings are coming from. It also gives us a wider perspective in topics that make us a little bit more money.

This is just one of the many new things online marketers and bloggers can expect to find out. In fact, the new Google Adsense interface is so feature-rich you’ll spend 3X the time you do with the old one.

We’ll get into those features in detail next time as we prepare more updates from the world’s biggest internet sensation since Microsoft took a sidestep a few years ago, and have not kept with the competition since then.

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