Angry Birds Game App for iPhone 4, iTouch 4 and iPad Crashes and Angers Some Users


Despite the succes of Angry Birds for Android phones (read Angry Birds for Android Phones Hits 1 Million Downloads in Less than 24 Hours!), the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version of the game app seems to be receiving many negative feedbacks as of late.

Angry Birds Top iPhone Game App Sample Photo

Angry Birds, Despite Its Reputation as the Top iPhone Game App is Experiencing Errors

Many users reported sluggishnesness in loading the game app despite the press release of its creators that it has improved usage of memory.

For all of you who have downloaded and paid for this iPhone game app ($0.99 on iTunes), please post your own review below. Let’s determine if the manufacturer of Angry Birds have been true to their claim hen they released Angry Birds 1.4.4 with the following features: Game Center, Retina Display for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 brand new game levels.

Although the creators claim that the high score bug in Game Center has been fixed by the latest update, users say otherwise. If you have purchased Angry Birds for iPhone and iPod Touch, please feel free to shout out your thoughts via the comments section. Let others know what’s wrong with the Angry Birds app.

You might as well try playing the Cut the Rope app for your iOS devices instead. With this game, we’re pretty sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

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  1. Amy says:

    Loaded Angry Birds on my iPad3. It worked for 2 days. When I started up the application today it crashes. Tried this several times and still crashes. Is there a fix out for this?

  2. Kathy Lerche says:

    Angry birds seasons crashes immediately after loading. Very annoying:(

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  4. Marcin says:

    Still crash. Seasons and Rio work. That’s really annoying.

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