Cut the Rope App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet is Addictive and Cheap


Though the Cut the Rope game app for iOS 3.0 (or higher) is not free, this one costs low (99 cents only). Cut the Rope iPhone app is so much fun that everybody who has tried it gets addicted to this top iPhone app. It’s a good game every member of the family can play.

Here are the killer features of Cut the Rope that you should know before downloading and buying this game app:

Chillingo Cut the Rope Game App for iPhone iPad and iTouch Sample Screenshot

Chillingo's Cut the Rope is an Addictive but Fun Game App Designed for iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch 4/3rd Gen and iPad Tablet PC

  1. Innovative Gameplay: Combines realistic physics with simple controls by collecting the stars and avoiding the enemies and obstacles.
  2. Gorgeous Visuals: Colorful cartoon-style characterization lends plenty of charm to Om Nom, whose facial expressions and mannerisms never get boring.
  3. Levels Galore: Each of Cut the Rope’s levels requires a different thought process and execution and will keep you entertained!
  4. Replay Value: Getting the candy to Om Nom is the main objective, but each level contains 3 stars for you to collect. There is a huge amount of fun to be had trying to collect them all.
  5. Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can earn achievements and compare scores with online leaderboards through Crystal!

Since we’ve tried this game a few times, we can give it a good review – 4.5/5 ratings! Cut the Rope is easy to understand and easy to play. If you don’t mind about some blur pixelation in the graphics, we recommend yo get this on iTunes now.

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