Download Parachute Ninja iPhone Game App to Complement Cut the Rope on Your iOS Devices

Paid Parachute Ninja iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App Review, Specs, Download Price

Parachute Ninja is Another Creation of Zeptolab, the Game Developers of Cut the Rope

If you have downloaded and played Cut the Rope for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet PC, why not add to your game app collection the paid game Parachute Ninja? This app for iOS devices is very engrossing. If you are familiar with Zeptolab, its developer, then no doubt you’ll know what to expect – HD graphics, exciting gameplay and somewhat frustrating failures. But hey, it’s all part of the fun and excitement. Without failures, there wouldn’t be any reason for you to play games, right?

Some documentation of Parachute Ninja are as follows:

Fling, hurl, glide and drop into action with Parachute Ninja!

This fun and addictive game launches your character through 30 action-packed levels spanning 4 picturesque regions on a quest of revenge against a mysterious enemy.

Parachute Ninja is a unique high-flying platformer with rubber-band style slinging, tap-activated parachutes and satisfying physics. Defeat hovering enemies, avoid danger and collect fireflies to get the highest score as you embark on your flinging, flying adventure.

Parachute ninja features both Story and Survival Modes which unfold in beautiful, eye-catching environments. Challenge yourself, friends and family with online leaderboards and Plus+ support for earning awards. Published by Freeverse.

Parachute Ninja Game Features include:

  1. Story Mode: spanning 30 levels through 4 picturesque regions
  2. Survival Mode: how long can you outrun the tide? Aim for the top!
  3. Online Leaderboards: compare scores with players from around the world
  4. Online Awards: can you master the ways of the ninja and claim all the awards for yourself?

The price per download of Parachute Ninja is only 99 cents ($0.99) so if you have a credit card that can cover this cost, why not get it along with Cut the Rope Experiments? These are some of the few things you can do to make your iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 or iPad 2 more exciting gadgets. Games are good ways to enjoy these devices and they are even recommended by experts in gaming.

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