Dream Park Free iOS App for iPhone, iPad Tablet and iPod Touch Improved with new Hedge Maze

Dream Park Game App Free Download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Negative User Reviews Can Be Read About Dream Park App But Try Installing It

The new Dream Park free app can be downloaded for your precious iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gens) as well as for the iPad Tablet PC (1 and 2 models). Released before Christmas last year and highly promoted at Facebook, I got curious and obtained the free download on iTunes for my three iOS devices.

It was fun playing Dream Park at first but just like other players, the game app beings to crash frequently. Errors and some annoying behavior of the application forced us to delete the free iPhone game app from our handset.

If you haven’t encountered problems, bugs and errors with Dream Park game app for your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad Tablets, good for you. Not many of us will give this app a good review after these annoyances. For some info on the app, here are details:

What’s new for version 1.0.3 (which we hope will get more fun in version 1.0.4):

  1. New park mascots for each theme. Mascots increase the happiness of each park.
  2. New hot air balloon ride.
  3. New hedge maze.
  4. Collecting from concessions will auto-restock them and start them again. Players can still choose what items to sell by tapping on the concession again.
  5. Increased “bouncy” icon and UI sizes to make iPhone experience more readable.
  6. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Game Features:

  1. Three different themes to help customize you Dream Park – Sci-Fi, Prehistoric and Fantasy/Medieval
  2. Upwards of 40 rides and attractions many of which animate.
  3. Watch visitors come and go, make them happy , make the cash registers ring and turnstiles spin
  4. Tons of items to decorate your park including roads, lamps, flags, benches and more.

I cannot speak for all iOS device owners but you might as well try this game app on your device to see if it works or not. For now we’ll stick with Farmville Game App and other family-oriented games we have in our smartphones. Tell us your reviews of the game if you like it or not.

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