Updated Farmville Game App is Best Played on iPad Tablet PC Despite iPhone and iPod Touch Compatibility

Farmville Game App Free Download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet PC

Farmville Got The All-Important Update This Month. Download it for Free on iTunes or Directly on Your Mobile Devices

We’ve been playing the free Farmville game app on our iPad Tablet PC for over a year now and so far, this has been the best iPad game apps we have tested. If you have not upgraded to the latest Farmville update for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, this is the best time to do it as we’re expecting at least one more update before the year ends.

Here are some of the reasons why we love playing Farmville on iPad: 1) it has a bigger screen; 2) the iPad Tablet offers better and more responsive touchscreen than iPhone and iTouch; 3) no bugs or issues have been encountered unlike on iPod Touches that some gifts given by neighbors are missing or not shown; and 4) it seems more items are available on the iPad than on the two iOS devices.

For the free Farmville game application details, please read below:

  1. Connect to your FarmVille farm on the web!
  2. Choose from a variety of seeds to grow beautiful fruits and vegetables!
  3. Earn coins and XP to decorate your farm or expand your acreage.
  4. Work faster with vehicles like tractors and seeders, and rear livestock including cows, sheep, and pigs.
  5. Exclusive iPad/iPhone/iPod items available!
  6. The more you help your neighbors, the faster you’ll level up.
  7. Support for multitasking (for iOS4 users only)
  8. Login to multiple FarmVille accounts using the Logout feature in the Options page
  9. Work on Co-op farming jobs
  10. Crop Mastery, Collectible and Bushel Notifications!
  11. Use your Biplane and Super Combine!

Farmville is still a very popular game especially on the social networking site Facebook. Despite the arrival of CastleVille, CityVille and other x-Ville games created by Zynga including Mafia Wars Shakedown, we just can’t get over one of the first hit games on FB.

The strategies for Farmville on Facebook and other games mentioned above are basically the same but if you love scenery in the farm, then Farmville is definitely the game you’d want to play. Free download of Farmville for Apple products can only be made through iTunes or your device.

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