Download Free Stress Check iPhone, iTouch and iPad App to Monitor Your Stress Level


For health nuts and those who live stressful lives, check out the new and free Stress Check App. Download it free on Appstore or iTunes and see how it can help you improve your health.

Stress Check App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet Free Download

Check Your Stress Level Free of Charge with Stress Check App for iOS Devices

Stress Check is no doubt one of the best free apps for iPod Touch 3rd Generation as well as the 4th Gen iTouch, iPhone 4/3GS and iPad Tablet PC in our short list of apps worthy of using. The reasons are quite simple. Stress Test App does what it promises – monitor your stress level and provides you insight on your inner conditions.

The information you can derive from this free app are enormous. It’s like having a fitness trainer with you around. Best of all, it’s portable and costs nothing.

According to the programmers,

Stress Check is a research-based stress test developed by clinical psychologists with expertise in Stress Management. This research-based assessment tool provides users with an overall stress score that illuminates their current level of stress. After receiving their overall score, users can deepen their insight by examining the specific areas their stress affects them (interpersonal, physiological, situational, control). All results are paired with useful descriptions and actionable recommendations. With this deeper level of insight, users can more effectively target and reduce high stress areas.

WIth this latest version of Stress Check, users can now save their scores and track the development of their stress over time. This is an excellent way to monitor progress on a stress reduction initiative, or to simply achieve a baseline of your stress over a period of time.

For a small fee, Stress Check also offers optional stress management tools including Office Yoga videos and mindfulness meditation exercises. Office Yoga videos are designed to relieve work stress and restore energy through special techniques that can be done in a small office space. Mindfulness meditation exercises are designed for deep relaxation and maintaining optimism in the workplace.

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