Free Pandora Radio App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Tablet PC


If you’re in hunt for a free radio app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad Tablet PC, we can highly recommend Pandora Radio App. Not only is it a free iPhone and iPod Touch app but a truly intelligent piece of software.

Pandora Radio App Free Download Available on Apple's App Store

Download Free the Pandora Radio App for iPhone, iPad and iTouch and Enjoy Your Fave Music Absolutely Free

Unlike Napster, you don’t have to pay for any subscription to avail of the services. The only downside are the Admob ads on your screen. Some even reported that after installation their iPhone screens went black and the app crashed their systems. Fortunately we did not encounter such problems with this app.

Also, you’ll need an internet connection (WiFi, 3G/4G are ok) to access the servers and start playing the tunes on your devices.

First, you just type either the song name, artist or composer and it will automatically create a “radio station” based on your choice. It relies on keywords (search strings) so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music of your choice without doing any further work, except perhaps if you want to play other music genres or artists.

Go rock, go ballad, go Michael Jackson and Pandora Radio apps takes care of business for your listening pleasure.

Pandora is an app that is backward compatible (can be run on iOS devices with iOS 3 and newer).

Go to the Apple App Store or iTunes and download this free Radio app for your iPhone, iPad Tablet PC or iPod Touch now. This is one of the best iPhone apps you should install onto your expensive toy.

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