Free Firefox Web Browser App for iPhone, iPad Tablet PC and iPod Touch


People have long been waiting for the free Firefox web browser to run on iPhone 4/3GS/3G and iPod Touch 4/3rd Generation and iPad Tablet PC. FYI, Safari is the default web browser installed in Apple products. Although other browsers are allowed to be downloaded via the iTunes Store of AppStore, Apple seemed to have restricted other browsers to run on their devices.

Free Firefox App for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad Tablet

Firefox for iPhone 4, iTouch 4th Generation and iPad Tablet

The Firefox App for iPhone, iPad and iTouch is actually a dismaying free app. When my friends and I learned that it was ready for download, we immediately downloaded the app and installed it on our iPod Touches and iPhones.

We realized as soon as the first page loaded that the free Firefox App wasn’t a full browser like the Opera Mini 5.1 on Android phones (which we love using on our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 because it loads web pages faster and better than the built-in Android mobile browser). Unfortunately, Firefox wasn’t even close to the features of Opera Mini 5.1 for Android.

Our Review: Firefox App for iPhone OS 3.1 or higher (yes, this is the basic requirement) is a cool app if you only want to sync bookmarks between your desktop PC and your iPhone or iPod Touch. Other than that, I personally believe it’s virtually useless. This means we will be stuck on using Safari until Firefox is developed as a full-blown mobile web browser for iOS devices.

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